Empowering people to live a life of Connection, Health, Healing and Peace

Outpatient Therapy


New Perspectives offers an office space that is in a relaxed environment.   

Telehealth Services


New Perspectives can meet with you virtually wherever you are!  We will send you a secure link to connect through a secure sight and therapy can be done from the comfort of your own home.


Our Services

New Perspectives specializes in:




Identity issues


negative core beliefs

marriage preparation

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy



New Perspectives Counseling is passionate about empowering people to live a life on purpose.  We believe living a life on purpose starts with people learning how to connect with themselves, their loved ones and their spirituality.  

We believe in a holistic approach: Mind, Body and Soul. New Perspectives Counseling integrates therapy techniques to do just that!  Therapy techniques are used and supported with empathy, accountability, spirituality and curiosity.  We would love to come alongside you in your journey of finding: connection, health, healing and peace.   


Elko New Market, MN 55054




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