Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

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Want better communication, connection, intimacy, and trust.?  New Perspectives can help you do just that! We are highly trained to empower you to better relationships no matter what stage of relationship you are in..  We can equip you for marriage, bring more depth to your marriage or help repair damages that have occurred in your relationship.

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Want to better understand yourself, find purpose, tackle anxiety? Want to work on boundaries or co-dependency tendencies?  New Perspectives Counseling is trained to help you find peace with yourself, heal from the past and help you find strength to be your best. 

Spiritual Integration


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New Perspectives Counseling believes in a holistic approach - Mind, Body & Soul.  We offer spiritual integration that compliments different therapy techniques

    Telehealth Therapy

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Do you have small children and find it hard to leave the home? Do you have an animal that could  aid in your healing process?  New Perspectives now offers Telehealth Therapy. - we can meet with you virtually - anywhere.